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Since 1967, we have provided quality services to thousands at Your Way fumigation. With decades of expeience with home and residential complex owners. 45 years of in the industry, using safe and quality products. From single homes to multi-unit apartment complexes, our fumigation services will ensure your clients’ pest issues are handled on time, reducing downtime and in a manner that offers the least impact to families. 


No job is too large at Your Way Fumigation, for decades we have provided service to a variety of different industries. Whether we’re serving restaurants facilities, office suites, retail centers, schools, or healthcare facilities, our fumigation services will ensure your pest issues are handled with professionalism and with minimum downtime to your company. Our work offers the least amount of impact on your business activities, services, and products.



Your Way Fumigation is a family-owned business, made up of experienced teammates that have many years providing Residential, Commercial, Commodities service. Our vision includes providing you with excellence in workmanship and quality materials. We are headquartered in Southern California, Your Way Fumigation offers over 40 years of experience as fumigation providers to the residential & commercial markets of Northern California Since 1967.



The product behind our safe and powerful fumigation process

Vikane is the marketplace standard gas fumigation that's been used to treat over two million structures and is the industry's most trusted and proven fumigant gas product.

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